As an experience and interaction designer, many of the projects I have been part of is documented in relation to academic purposes. Some of them has been part of my education at the IT University. None the less they taught me a lot, thus I include them here too.

Eye-tracking e-book

The e-book and eye-tracking

In this research through design study we attempted to provide a glance into what the future of reading might be. Recent developments within reading has brought about the e-book, which is currently no more than text on a screen, mimicking its predecessor both in terms of experience and functions. We attempt to prototype what the … Continue reading The e-book and eye-tracking


Venterummet | The Waiting Room

At lege med hardware Venterummet | The Waiting Room from Jette Forstholm on Vimeo. I et post om Processing havde jeg især fokus på, hvordan det kan bruges til at skabe fiktive lokationsbestemte universer, hvor modtageren har mulighed for at træde ind i det gennem generativ kunst som projekteres ud i rummet. Nu har vi fået lov at prøve kræfter … Continue reading Venterummet | The Waiting Room

Uncanny playground

Uncanny Playground

The amazing invisible world of the Kinect It has been both a pleasure and a challenge to work with the Kinect as material. The level of abstraction is a lot higher with the Kinect compared to sketches made with Arduino. We have to think very different when designing for a Kinect because the translation of the input is … Continue reading Uncanny Playground


Morgenhilsner | Morning greetings

“Morgenhilsner” (Morning Greetings, 2014) is an interactive ceiling installation initially installed at Vallensbæk station. During the dark winter, the geometric sculpture greets the station’s passengers with warm light. “Morgenhilsner” reacts to human presence and acknowledges it through opening its surface, letting out its light. The floor below “Morgenhilsner” is divided into invisible sections. Movements within … Continue reading Morgenhilsner | Morning greetings

Design of commercial installations

In this practice based research we attempted to provide a glance into how an interdisciplinary practice between commercial and artistic partners could forfeit both. We focused our study specifically on how commercial partners might use elements from installation art to create strategic communication through what we call commercial installations. This may seem paradoxical because the commercial partners want their communication … Continue reading Design of commercial installations